Does anyone else have this problem?

When I choose an exercise from the Exercise Library on the android Jefit app, hit the 'Do It' button, enter the details and save, it always displays in the log with the previous day's date.

For example: Today is 16 May. I choose Glute Bridge from the Exercise Library, enter a single 1h 23m 45s bridge (I wish!) and save it. It shows on 15 May in the log:

When I do a Sync, the exercise appears on the correct date in the log on the web site:

If everything worked that way, I could live with it. But it doesn't. If I enter details of an exercise chosen from a Routine, rather than directly from the Exercise Library, the log dates are correct.

So when I do a routine and want to do additional ad hoc exercises chosen from the library, the stuff gets split over two different dates in the log on the phone. I often do exercises on consecutive days, which means log entries become merged into a real mess and makes it impossible to sort out what was done on what day when I try to review my log.

This bug has crept in with a recent version upgrade. I wonder whether there is any testing of stuff in different time zones (e.g. right now we are a day ahead of some time zones in the world.)