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    general questions

    Hi guys!

    I recently purchased the app being new to the gym.
    I started with the 4 day routine for bulking ( which I don't knwo if it was the most sensible thing to do being new to working out) and I have some questions:
    1. some of the exercises only have 6 reps in them. Is this normal? I know people do 8-12 reps so I was wondering if I was doing less....
    2. if there is an exercises I can't do ( parallel dips for triceps) or the gym I go to hasn't got that specific machine could could I change exercise, and how would I be sure that this change makes sense with the other exercises in the routine?


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    Hi, Per. Welcome to the forum.

    I have one suggestion - pick your goal, then get a routine that fits it. Is your primary goal strength, looks, or fat loss? (There are others, but most people concentrate on one of these three.)

    1. Number of reps depends on your goal. According to the sources I've read, six is borderline for strength / hypertrophy. Most beginner routines I've seen use higher number of reps, but it depends on the goal. There are plenty of posts on this forum and other places that talk about it, just search for them.

    2. Actually, the exercise database is very useful in it. For example, the dips work chest and triceps, so you can search for all chest / triceps exercises and pick one you can do. Don't be afraid to experiment. (I'm not very good with that stuff, but I think a modification of decline dumbbell press would be a fair substitute for dips.)

    Good luck!
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