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Thread: Please help!!!

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    Please help!!!

    Hello everyone!...Please could you vote for me!? Just click on this link then click the vote box, its that simple [url][/url] it's to win me a vespa scooter to get to the gym. I gave my car to my husband (active duty US Army) so he can help other soldiers get to work in a car pole.....Thank you so very much if you do! ☺
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    A great knowledge been shared.

    That's a great way to win a scooter, really. It will help you for sure. I wish you a very best of luck for this. I guess, many students will be looking for their [URL=""]British assignment writing help[/URL] as they have to submit their assignments very soon.

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    Ya sure why not haha, hope you win and ho-ra!

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    I would very much like to help you but your link says "This promotion has expired". Sorry sis.
    By the way, did you won the scooter? Let us know.

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