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    joint problems - glucosamine?

    I wonder if anyone has any opinions on the supplement glucosamine?

    In the past year I've had various joint problems (nothing major) but I am quite aware how much it really slows me down.

    I fell last year (not looking where I was going... talking on my mobile phone like a knob!), and shunted my elbow directly into the ground. There was no fracture, but as a result of the blunt trauma against my joint, I got bursitis quite badly... It literally swelled up like a tennis ball. my job requires me to stand a lot, and as a result, I always had my elbows resting. It felt like it took an age of RICE for it to heal better. It's still not 100%, but it's definitely a lot better than it was.

    I also get some soreness around my knees... When I started doing squats, and especially leg curls, my knees really didn't seem to like the pressure they were under.

    So I was wondering whether or not having glucosamine as a supplement might improve my ability to prevent joint problems in the future? Also, my family have a history of arthritis.

    Might be time I bought a compression garment for my tricker areas!

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    Thanks for your input. I think I will get some glucosamine in my life!

    I came across this wiki article, which although quite simple, gave a lot of good points put across in a good way.


    I want to build a body that will not only look good, but last me a lifetime, so I really want to educate myself. I can remember my grandmother having knotted hands, and being quite sore a lot. If I can do anything to prevent or reverse anything I've already unknowingly done, I'll do the best I can!
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    I've been using Cissus Quadrangularis, and after about 2 weeks with it, I feel an improvement. I've had knee and wrist operations many years back and have been feeling some soreness and some irritation in the specific areas.

    It's still in an stage of study, but shows promise. Obviously people react differently, but personally for me I think it's working.

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