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    Supp and medication timing

    Need some advice.

    I'm trying to figure out the timing for my meds and supplements. I'd like to know what order and timeframe would be most effective in taking some of my meds and supplements.

    - Hypertension med (Preventative med by my doc because of family history.
    - No XPlod
    - Thermogenic
    - Creatine
    - Protein
    - BCAA

    I'm not sure if taking the Blood pressure med and the No XPLOD and thermogenic would be counterproductive or harmful.

    Any other essential supplements that I should be taking?

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    I'm a healthcare provider, so let me help you as much as I can. As per your post, it seems that you're hypertensive ONLY, so I will be giving you advices assuming that you only have hypertension. I would suggest that you decrease the amount of supplements that you take, I do believe that you're already taking more than what your liver can take because I assume that you're already under maintenance. Please discontinue the intake of any protein related supplement if you're under a calcium channel blocker, because it can slow down it's effectiveness. I would suggest using these two that I'm using, [url][/url] . It's just an energy booster I use as a pre-workout supplement, and a relaxant (the other one) after workout (so it can slow down your blood pressure too). The timing is definitely 15 minutes before a workout, and the other one, an hour after workout. With regards to those hypertensive drugs you're taking, please take it as per doctor's order because that's the most important thing. So let the supplements adapt on you circumstances, not those medications that the doctors had told you to take.

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