I like to experiment with my supplements, so I mix my own pre-workout, but I replicated his for my "6 weeks to sick arms" program, and it worked pretty well for me. (By the way, I only managed to do 4 weeks of it prior to my surgery, but even now, after months of inactivity, my arms look much better than a year ago.)

Here's my take on some of the components:
Citrulline malate - as a fatique fighter it rocks! Malic acid is a lactic blocker, and citrulline is an NO booster - a win-win combination.
Creatine is a must, and this one gives you a proper dose. You may want to supplement with anotehr dose mid- or post-workout.
He gives only 6g of BCAA. You may want to supplement BCAA separately, especially with the type of workouts you have. My mid-workout drink on his program consisted of 5g of creatine monohydrate and 15-20g of BCAA (no flavoring), and your workouts are longer and harder than that program. I used my mid-workout to gauge my intensity - if I don't like the taste, then I'm not working hard enough (and if you ever tried unflavored BCAA powder you know what I'm talking about).
I've seen two conflicting opinions on pre-workout carbs - he recommended some pre-workout, while others suggest taking all carbs post-workout (which is why he gives carbs separately).
The only thing I don't like about the ingredients is soy lecitin and sucralose in the flavoring, unfortunately both are industry standards for flavored mixes (one more reason for me to make my own).