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    anapolon and anavar (PCT)

    please any thoughts on anapolon 25mg a day (6 weeks) and anavar (PCT 4 weeks)?

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    Wait wait…you are seriously considering doing anavar (one of the most copied and imitated and fraudulent steroids on the planet) for 4 weeks? Not trying to be rude, but no wonder no one else has responded. Do the research, learn what stuff can do and how long you should do it, then actually try AAS.

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    I would steer clear of anapolon, depending on lab results differ, but some of them have a 60% loss when you stop your course, alot of water retention. Anavar is good, again if you get it from the right lab. Liquid Pharmaceuticals works well for me. Axio Labs also good. Remember to use Proviron or something so that it doesnt stint your bodys natural testosterone production.

    I'm currently on 40mg of anavar a day and I get great results. Good dense lean muscle and no retention. Takes a bit longer than the cheapo quick fixers but well worth it on the long run. Works well with a peptide too.

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