Hello Jefit users

I have been overweight for many years and I am trying to get into shape due to the birth of my son. I have no real idea what I am doing though and every corner of the internet has a different opinion on what to do.

My goals: Pure weight loss
I understand that ideally you want to gain muscle, but I just want to see the numbers go down on the scale and im my clothe sizes (i can barely fit into my work clothes as is), once im where I want to be, then I will bulk back up properly.

My info: I am 120kg and 180ish cm tall which puts me at over 35 on the BMi scale, or as the calculators put it in the "very high health risk range". Ideally I would need to lose 40kg to in the correct range. While this may/may not be the correct amount to actually lose, there is likely at least 20kg sitting around my stomach that needs to go.

I have very little time to actually workout, I work full time (desk job most of the day) and when I get home my time is spent with my kid until he goes to sleep as that is the only time I get to see him.


To start with, I have no real idea what I should be eating, how much of it, what to drink, etc.
I have no problem eating the same things every day/week so any food plan I can repeat every day/week would be very helpful.

As stated above, I have very little time to really workout. I have a Fitbit and I use it to track my steps and If I make the time I could bust out 10k steps in a day.

I have access to a gym with a pool (not a fan, its very cold), running machine, bike machine and some sort of 4 in 1 weight machine (from memory I think its got a seated chest fly machine and a lat pull down). I also have a high end elliptical machine at home.

Based on all of that,
what would be the best/easiest course to take for my diet (im fine if I need to eat the same things every day)? Ive tried tons of different diets including low/no card, no sugar, no gluten, as little food as possible, etc.
what would be the best course of action to take for working out? would walking 10k steps a day coupled with the right diet make a big enough impact? If not what else can/should I be doing to maximize my weight loss?

I really need some direction and advice, I am very close to taking the easy way out and getting surgery... im not their yet though... I still want to try and do this the proper way but I really need some help and direction. Its just very disheartening to not only be so unfit but also to know that theres no one to blame but yourself.