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    Question Jason Blaha's 'Ice Cream Fitness 5x5' Novice Program'

    Hello all my name is Dylan i am 20 years old.
    I am from the Netherlands i am very interested in everything related to the gym.
    I recently discovered 'JEFIT' and i hope to learn a lot here.

    I would like to have some advice on this training program; Jason blaha's 5x5

    *I hear a lot of people saying the smith machine is not a good machine to use.
    But since i have no other option in my gym i added the 'smitmachine squats' in my program, should i continue with smitmachine squats or should i change it for another exercise?

    *Further i changed the barbel bent over row for a barbel bent over row with a EZ-bar don't think this will make a massive difference but i have only a EZ-bar in my gym to do the exercise.

    *About the deathlifts; For deathlifts i can use this shrug machine or i can do it with dumbbells maybe.

    *How do i determine the starting weight for each exercise? My last set i did for example squats do not really know if this is right or not.

    S1: 77,5kg 5x
    S2: 80kg 5x
    S3:82,5kg 5x
    S4:85kg 5x
    S5:87,5kg 5x

    I hope some people here can me provide some useful information.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Can a admin remove this thread please, i posted it in the wrong section.

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