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    Looking for other Above Knee Amputees...

    I am just about 8 months post-op. Looking for other AK's to discuss how things are going with them. I am an athletic AK and looking at keeping the good leg healthy and strong while improving the strength of the residual leg.

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    Welcome to JEFIT, NorthernGirl! I also am not an amputee, but just wanted to say how wonderful it is to see someone pushing themselves, despite their limitation. VERY inspiring! My next door neighbor is in a similar situation, although his isn't AK. Born with a genetic defect, his right leg bowed and eventually broke, causing him to be amputated just below the knee. He struggled at first, but he has gotten used to his prosthetic and can get around almost as well as he was able to before. I would talk him into him joining JEFIT, but he is only 9 and isn't quite ready for big time.

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    Hello NorthernGirl. I'm Canadian too, though in BC.

    I see you a routine setup & you are starting. What a great inspiration you are.

    Although not an amputee, I have sent a friend request.

    Best wishes.

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    my life has taken a very distinct turn these past couple of years. In Feb 2012, my original diagnosis was Stage 4 bone cancer with only a few short months of precious life left. My girls were 15 and 17 at the time. Thankfully it was a wrong diagnosis but the new diagnosis was not much better. The bone tumor that I did have, there is no medication or treatment for it. It is what I call, a drill and fill. The surgeons drill out the tumor like a dentist would a cavity and fill it with bone cement and any necessary hardware for support. I ended up having 2 of these done for very determined tumors. Big massive blood fed tumors the size of cantaloupes...big extensive surgeries to remove and repair and mainly done because I was in good physical shape. Then last summer I had a rejection of the materials and it killed almost everything it touched inside my leg, bone, muscles, tendons and even the skin. A massive 16 hour surgery and they rebuild my leg (a fibula transplant and deep muscles flap all harvested from the bad leg) did work but the main nerve died at the junction near the I had a choice: keep the dead leg or cut it.

    February 19, 2014, the shortest operation was done. I was told that the following guidelines are normal for an above the knee:
    Hospital stay: 1-3 months
    Rehab hospital: 2-4 months
    Fitted for first prosthesis: 6-9 months
    a somewhat normal gait: 12-18 months

    Because of my ongoing healthy lifestyle (since I couldn't run or bike anymore, I swam 5x a week in a Masters Swim Club and usually getting 1,400 - 1,800m in each time) my recovery was vastly quicker!

    hospital: 5 days
    NO REHAB hospital
    First leg fitted at 6 weeks (and the pros thought I was about 18 months post-op!)
    First hike: in June 2014 (Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland)(my baby graduated from high school)

    Now I am wanting to learn how to run. I am a police officer by trade, 24 years of service and not ready to retire quite yet. I want to either show them I can do it or know absolutely that I can't.

    With any knee issues....keeping to your body weight is important. Don't want to gain anymore weight. Just looking at getting back the body that I had 3 years ago before this mess all started!

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