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    Pre-Workout and Sleep

    I have only taken pre-workout once. LOVED the energy it gave. It was right before I instructed a class. I do suffer with some mild insomnia from time to time. The class I teach is at 7PM. I'm usually in bed 3 hours later. The night I took the stuff I was up till 4AM. Any help? Advice? Should I forego it all together or is it safe for me to take a sleeping aid after? Just trying to gather some opinions.

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    I am currently taking Thermoxyn stacked with TT-33. I take that before my AM workouts. Works great. It is suggested that it is stacked twice a day and I can't. It kills my appetite if I do it any more than that. As far as the pre-workout that I took the one time, I do not know the name of it. It was a sample. What you are saying though makes great sense.

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    Take the pre workout earlier in the day not within 6 hours of your bedtime or look for a pre workout that is low stim or stim free such as [URL=""]GAT PMP[/URL]. You can also look into taking [URL=""]Melatonin [/URL]at night. Helps with sleep and is cheap and effective.

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