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    Hello from Texas

    I am just starting to lift weight and I am very excited! My son entered his first body building contest last Spring and it was great. He is my inspiration to start my own body building journey. Im looking for routines and diet advice.

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    Hello mobot6. Welcome! I see you have routine downloaded to your page, so you are ready to start logging workouts. The compound lifts are good: squat, dead lift, military press, bench press.

    How exciting for you that your DS was in a body building competition.

    How's the lifting going so far? Are you going to a gym or using a setup at home? Are you going as heavy as possible while maintaining good form?

    From your picture & stats, you already look good. What's typical daily food good like now? Do they include: eggs, turkey, chicken, fish; colourful vegetables, yams, sweet potatoes; brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal; unsalted nuts, nut butters, olive oil. If you are doing dairy: yogurt, cottage cheese?

    Best wishes

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    Welcome to JEFIT! As Donna already said, compound exercises are going to be the best for you. I am currently doing Stronglifts 5x5 and have seen really good results in a short amount of time. Three exercises, three times a week, rotating between Squat/Bench Press/Rows and Squat/Shoulder Press/Deadlift, and adding 5 pounds per workout (10 pounds per for Deadlifts). Let me know if you have any questions or you can visit [url][/url] for more information.

    As far as diet, Donna again provides sound advice and I am sure Robert will include quite a bit to it when he is able, so I will defer to them.

    Again, welcome and please keep us posted with your progress!

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    Howdy from Palmer, south of Dallas. Lots of good stuff here. I use the app on my phone to keep my sets, reps, weights and rest periods regular. Welcome!

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    Hello from another Texan. You've already received some great advice/ideas to help you along your journey of bodybuilding. WTG to your son and the inspiration he has on you, too!

    I am currently lifting challenging weights three days per week using a "throw-back" program called ChaLean Extreme. I tend to change up my routine every 12-weeks. I do like keeping the basic compound lifts of squats, press, deadlifts, bench in the mix.


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    Hello all. My name is KG and I am from Dallas, Texas. I have been a member of the site for a while but to be honest, i havent been logging in lately. I am now able to be in a better position in my life and i am now starting to be more active and looking to get some things going getting my health back in order. had many setbacks but now im ready to hit it hard and make some real achievements. Looking forward to network with others as well so i can have some people to relate to in this world we call "Fitness". Loook forward to speaking with some of you.

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