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    optional similar exercises

    Are there any plans to add the ability to temporarily swap out an exercise for a similar for the current workout. very often in the gym you may not have immediate access to a piece of equipment you need to do the next exercise in your workout, rather than waiting for it and cooling down, it would be nice to have the option of being able to swap it for a similar exercise just for that workout.
    example: workout calls for bench press, all the benches are taken. click the exercise or a specified icon and it would give you a list of other exercise that are similar, like machine chest press, pushups, dumbbell bench press etc... that way we could get on with our workout without having to wait on the t-shirt muscle squad doing 20 sets of bench (2-reps each).

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    This is a great idea! There is often a time when that exercise is not immediately available. It would be great if there was a way to swap the exercise for another of your choice that's suggested as a replacement from the app.

    Could also be an option to "come back to" this exercise if it's currently being used.

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    I like that

    the other fitness app I was using on IOS did something similar. if you completed your routine but had skipped exercises(s), it would prompt you to go back and finish them or the option to end workout. something similar, in conjunction with the option to "swap for another version of exercise" would, in my opinion, make JEFit practically perfect.

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