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    Eggs with Oatmeal

    First of all sorry for no video. My video semms to be broken and I couldn't edit thread name...

    But anyway, i wanna show you my breakfast - eggs with oatmeal. Great for hard gainers on bulkig. Also pretty cheap, so great for students.

    You need:
    100g of oatmeal
    5 whole eggs
    20 ml of olive oil
    chilli pepper
    some veggies

    1.Spill olive oil on the pan
    2.Smash eggs
    3.Add oatmeal
    4.Add chilli pepper
    5.Remember to use small flame!
    6. Mix it all and keep mixing till it's done.

    917 kcal
    47g of protein
    70g of carbs
    49g of fats

    Great when you are on bulk

    -easy to make
    -pretty tasty
    -very nutritious
    -high calories

    -quite long preparation
    -ugly look
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    I crack an egg into a bowl, add a packet of regular, unsweetened, instant oatmeal. Add a splash of low fat milk (1/4 - 1/3 cup), and little salt and pepper. Microwave on high for one and a half minutes. It's the sort of thing I can make at work. It won't win any taste awards though.

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    That can be much quicker than mine recipe. I'll try it one busy day.

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