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    Thumbs up NEWBIE IN NEED OF NEW LIFE STYLE just needing to vent.

    OCTOBER 23rd 2014 was a life changer, doctors told me i could have a heart attack or stroke any minute. I'm 28 and
    have High Blood Pressure. Most of my life i have been over weight due to emotional, family lifestyle, and mostly had a
    bad relationship with food. The ironic part in this is that i went to culinary school and know what i should and shouldn't
    eat. I have watched my mom deal with Diabetes and the fear of me having that wasn't enough to change. Today is a
    different day. I like everyone else have a stressful job but after hearing the news i have HBP and now have to take
    medication for it its time for a change. I never was scared to go to the gym but i never knew what i am supposed to do.
    i know that might sound weird but truly the same routines were boring and feeling as i was not doing it right. After a
    million google searches on workout beginners for women, i came upon this site. I found a routine that i hope will help
    but it also is educational. lets see how this goes as i am on the way to the gym shortly. Thanks to anyone who reads
    this or can relate. XOXOXO good luck in all your personal journeys.

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    Hi Avilesy16 sounds like you are heeding your wake up call. I see you have a routine setup. Good start. Best wishes on your journey.

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    Great to see you taking your life into your own hands! Good luck with your new routine and way of life. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Lot's of knowledge around here. If you need motivation, let us know. Lot's of success stories here too. Bottom line, have fun and GO NINERS!!

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    Really very interesting story,and believe me great to see you controlling your life,wish all the best and good luck

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    I always tell friends who are starting an exercise regimen: "First, make it fun!" Just like bad habits, good ones take time to develop. So, first concentrate on having a good time working out. Believe me, it will become habitual. Ask someone who has worked out a long time how they feel when they miss workouts. It becomes a good habit/addiction with the same emotional characteristics of any other--you WANT to do it, you FEEL GOOD when you do it, and you FEEL BAD when you can't for whatever reason. Once its "gotten under your skin" then start focusing on specific goals and research/seek advice on how best to achieve them. This is a driving passion for many people and most are glad to advise and offer suggestions based on extensive research/personal experience. So, my two cents: Get in the gym and start having FUN! After a couple months, when you can't imagine missing workouts, then set goals and seek further advice. You can do this!

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