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    Need Motivation for Bulking Phase

    Hello from Ohio! I have been weight training for about two years. I am 5'7" and have gone from 135 to 118 lbs. Now I need to work on toning some of my lagging areas, mostly my lower body. I have just started the Glute builder workout that I supplement with some full body training. After watching the numbers on the scale go down for so long, I'm not sure I am mentally prepared to see them start going up. I know I need to increase calories to increase muscle mass. I have gone from 1300 calories to 2000 calories for the bulk. My current macros are 40% carb, 40% protein, 20% fat. I have posted my current photos and plan to lift heavy for the next 8-10 weeks, then cut for 6-8 week after that. I hope it pays off!

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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    I wish you succes and can't wait for your training log!

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    Welcome to JEFIT, shelly! Great to see you motivated for your upcoming bulk phase. I think your calorie count may be a bit high, but as long as it works for you, no worries. You have a nice support group here so make sure to keep us updated with your progress. Happy bulking!

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    I wish you were right about the calories! After a week of 2000 calories a day, 4 heavy workouts and two light ab days, I weigh exactly the same. I am upping the calories to 2200, but to eat that much in clean food feels like I am eating all day long! We will see how this week goes.

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    Have you considered trying a meal replacement shake? It's a nice way of getting an extra 200-300 calories without having to eat another meal during the day.

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    As a formerly fat guy, bulking phases are always a trial for me mentally/emotionally. It pains me to see not just numbers on a scale go up but the little soft jiggle return on the back of my love-handles (the first place my body adds fat and the last place it leaves). But, having successfully bulked and cut numerous times, I know it is necessary if I am serious about adding muscle. Still, that doesn't help me psychologically as I feel fat...I feel like my clothes don't fit right...I feel like I am going backwards instead of forward (because I started from a very overweight state). Anyway, I just wanted to share that part as it is an existential reality and yet it is monstrously overblown in the mind's eye and also a necessary step for ones like me who don't really build muscle without adding some fat in those old stubborn locations.

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    Thanks for the responses. I do 3 soy protein and fiber shakes a day and I want to try to keep as many calories from "real food" as I can. I am finally starting to gain some weight and I really feel like my leg workouts are making a difference. I will keep monitoring my weight and adjusting calories accordingly. My next workout is tomorrow night and I will try to post some progress pictures then.

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    Motivation for Bulking Phase

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    Actually, I am trying to gain some weight.
    Need more nutrients.

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    Finally added some new progress pics. I have only managed to gain about 2.5 lbs in the last two months. I can feel the difference in my arms and legs, but I miss my abs! I will continue to bulk until the first of the year, then try to cut down again to really see the changes. Thanks for all of the comments and support!Click image for larger version. 

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