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    Hi Everyone:

    I am glad to be part of a fitness community that can help me with my transformation. I am looking for that motivation to not just get me started, but maintain a healthier lifestyle. I am excited though!

    A but more about me: I am fairly active (on and off workouts, walking), have a gym membership (but rarely uses it because of work and school), and I eat well (vegetarian transitioning into vegan) and try to stick with organic produce and fruits. The only thing is just the fitness aspect.

    I am looking forward to your stories, input, and inspiration!

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    Welcome to the community! There's plenty of inspiration and stories to be found on the site, and many people who can give advice and tips for any troubles you may have.

    Good luck with attaining your fitness goals.

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    Hi welcome. You will find lots of support on this site. Best wishes

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