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    Lightbulb Google fit

    Do you have any project to link jefit to the new Google Fit app?
    Exemple... Time of exercise -> time on google fit...


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    Seems as though EVERYONE is now offering some form of mobile activity/health tracker as it's taken on a huge following of users.
    Unfortunately - some of the already established products - can't just create compatibility with every new product that comes on the market.

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    So... Did you finish with Android tweaks? When will Google fit integration be available? Thanks.

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    It really only makes sense if you want to collect sensor data. You need to have a higher end device with Android Wear. That's what I see having just upgraded to lollipop. I don't see how workout logs would fit in with that.

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    You don't need sensor data collection.
    As the first post says, in the best case you could do the workout from the watch without the phone or taking out the phone (if supported)

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    It's nice that the jeFit app will sync body measurements with google fit; however, it would be awesome if it would also send completed workouts to Google Fit so that they can be included with the overall tracking there. Just syncing a workout summary (e.g., date, time, duration) would be a great benefit.

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    +2000 for me too. Full Google Fit integration please.

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