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Thread: Google Fit

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    Bringing this post back to life!! When can we expect full google fit integration?

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    +2000 for me too. Full Google Fit integration please.

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    Google fit not working

    I am quite new to JEFIT (Used GymAce before) and chose to try JEFIT because of the advertised Google fit integration. Unfortunately It does not seem to work (I have no body measurements filled in yet).

    Just uploading the general workout data (duration, calories and the like) would indeed be sufficient for me.

    As it is now the app is very expensive and does not even have the desired functionality...

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    Would love this!! +1 please!!!!

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    Is anyone at Jefit registering this?!

    There's no secret that Google is very serious about its long term health tech ambitions.

    They recently updated the fit app ( so probably usage will go up.

    Jefit, please make the integration a priority as it will just get a necessity for health related apps who want to stay competitive.

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    yes! Jefit, please, add.

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    I just got an update on my Android phone and it say better integration with Google Health. Can someone explain what is new? Or better? Thanks!

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    I'd also be interested to know. It seems like activities now sync in a limited fashion, as in the totals of a workout session do appear in GFit. Would it also be possible to pull weight data from GFit, pretty please? Since you've stopped supporting any digital scales, and I bought one for the specific purpose of not having to type that data in manually, the only option is to start monitoring weight in other apps.

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