Hi everyone!
My name is Bartek, I'm 20 yo. I've started lifting about 4 years ago. Previously I've also been trainign MMA, kickboxing, swimming an football. I am also a full time student (mechanical engineering) and personal gym coach. My last 2-3 years was not very fit (a lot of alcohol, unhealthy lifestyle), but this year I'm back on track again. My gym goal is to hit 1000 pounds total in squat, bench press and deadlift and also keep building aesthetic body at the same time. I believe also that there will be an opportunity for me to go to USA, continue my college there and meet my favourite famous athleets and fitness youtubers.

As I said, I'm pretty week now, so I am concentrated on strenght. Now I use split training with heavy OHP, benching, deadlifting and squating as a priorities. At January 1 I will start Jim Weidler's 5/3/1 programm.

Now my bodyweight is 168 Ibs, and my actual PRs are:
190 bench
210 squat
280 deadlift
and 112 OHP

I'll try to post my workout footage/description 3-4 times a week (engineering studies - not much free time ).

Here you can see a shortcuts of by body transformaton. I keep this video on my coaching website so I can show it to you too.


And please, forgive me my grammar, I'm from Poland.