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    Integrate or die

    You have put so much effort into the app and the website but if you don't change your stubborn refusal to integrate with Google Fit and other apps Jefit will soon die. Other apps are growing and while they are still nowhere as big and comprehensive they focus on the important things. You don't want to share the data. You want to lock the user into jefit. This will not work.
    Change or die.
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    Quick question from new user: Have Jefit given any statements about, or replied to any of the request for a Google Fit integration?

    I'm of course +1 to Google Fit integration! :-)

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    the internet changes fast, many companies website changes according to google search enginer

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    Nothing new as expected

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    Nothing new on the apple watch issue either...

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    Let me start by saying I am all about Google but I have seen apps fold and go under because they chase google around trying to make them happy. Rewriting software and code just to have google drop or change a service can be a slippery slope! Google should be looking at Kick A$$ apps like Jefit and writing code to work with them!

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