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Thread: Gain weight

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    I too had that problem I am weighing 104 kg of weight and of 5'4" height. I am gaining weight fast, unable to control my overweight. Can anyone suggest any supplements that could lose or at-least stand still my weight.

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    Hiii read your post so you want to gain weight without fat.
    in order to gain weight like that..we need to eat clean and need to workout according to that.
    But for that,there are so many reason.for gaini9ng weight we should intake enough calories.
    You can intake more protein and lift weight ,a regular exercise with proper diet may give healthy weight to everyone,
    so make it clean.

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    Hello, I think you can go for heavy diet which consist of proteins. You can also go for protein drinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fanbrits View Post
    The beginnings are always hard[URL="********dietpills2015*****/lose-weight"].[/URL] I just googled stuff. Of course, there's a lot of useless information online but if you take a day-two for research you might be surprised. You might try diet pills as well
    I don't think pills is a nice idea.

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    Tips in order to gain weight:
    1. Keep snacks with you. Nuts, string cheese, etc.
    2. Eat meal replacing products between your meals. It will double your intake, and help you gain weight faster.
    3. If you find yourself becoming too fat, cut back a bit on the calories and do more exercise to bring the fat level down.

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