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    Feb 2011
    Davenport, Iowa
    I workout because it boosts my self-esteem, makes me feel better about myself, it improves my health and my physical capabilities and because I enjoy it.

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    I workout so that I can hit harder, grapple longer and on a lighter side I workout with some really good friends and its actually awesome hitting the gym and pushing each other to improve.

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    May 2013
    I work out for a few reasons. I used to do a lot of MMA training but I let it slip after some big injuries in a fight so got back to the gym to finish off the repair procedure to the injuries along with improving my health again and get back to how I used to look and feel. Since being back in the gym another health problem cropped up, my heart! I knew it was playing up a while but put it off, stupidly, but at present I'm awaiting results for so many tests that have been done since April this year but my saying is "if it don't pop in the gym, its never going to pop" the way I see it at the moment, the more I work the heart, the stronger it will become and I'm already prepared for any results good or bad. Then the other reason is to influence my son, I made some wild choices at a young age and left my health til late, by hitting the gym often along with foam rolling etc at home my son has already taken an interest at 3 years old and joins in with things at home, I cant wait for the day he is old enough to come in the gym with me, even if he has to get on a runner or something so he can get a taste of fitness and hopefully motivate me into my old age to go with him and spot him. Also the gym helps to ease any stresses, gives me my own time where I can just forget everything going on, hit hard, go home and chill with the family.

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    St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, Canada
    I work out because I wanted big chest and big arms. I felt in love with lifting and now workout to stay young, forget about stress from work and see bodybuilding as an interesting adventure. I realized it is 15% weightlifting, 85% nutrition.

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    Well let's put it this way when I was over 300 pounds in my live not once but twice exercise has been the best thing for me since sliced bread. (LOL not pun intended) I exercise because I choose to do so and that I can. It makes me feel great, energized, focused, and gives my life a meaningful purpose.

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    I workout to remain healthy and to look damn good.
    I won't be shy about it. I want to be built like Arnold in his prime. It's a sense of accomplishment. It's about always being better.

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    I workout so I can be my best self. I've seen the change that its brought and that just pushes me back in the gym. I workout because I know I don't have to settle. I see the challenge, accept the challenge and embrace it.

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    An X girlfriend got me a 6 month membership. Went on and off then went in to cancel the contract amd thought screw it lets try this see if I can make a change.

    I have a bad opinion of what I look so I have stayed the course and sort of enjoy going now and seeing where im making improvement.

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    part of life and simply because it makes me happy

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    I work out because it makes me feel good, I enjoy the challenge and I want to make the best of the body I have. :-)

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