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    Biggsamus 3 month progress -Sept 2014 to Dec 2014

    My progress so far. I started to let myself go after my daughter was born and I started a new job. I was always busy and reached for fast food and alcohol instead of eating clean. I rarely worked out, and when I did it was half assed at best.

    At my heaviest I was about 182lbs and 25% BF, though I never recorded any pictures or body stats from this time. In September I realized how bad I was letting it get and decided to take my life back. I started at 174 lbs/23% and have now gotten myself back down to 160lbs and under 21%.

    This was only the first stage of the recovery, and I'm pumped to keep it up in 2015!
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    well done bro

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    keep it up keep posting progress

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