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    "Cutting" results stay out

    Hi Guys,

    I'm working out for quite some time now on a regular basis( as much as possible every other day an hour) . I use whey supplements once a day both on training days and non-training days. The results are not as visible as hoped, I do have some musle gains, but my overall body stays lean. (i'mm 1.97 tall by 73 kg). I tend to focus on my abs, shoulders, forearms, biceps and triceps in a hourly workout.

    However I still think I'm doing something not right, since I expected to see more "bulking" results. Can anyone provide me some pointers?

    Kind regards,


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    It sounds like you are training everything from the waist up, but you are neglecting your lower half. I would start squatting, lunging and deadlifting Eduard. It will make a huge difference.

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    Since you're fairly tall I would assume that you have an ectomorph body type which might make it difficult to gain mass. You may want to try a mass gainer supplement (or just eat a lot of clean food). And as Gilmour said, you should start hitting up your legs with some heavy lifts to encourage growth.

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    I believe your body tries to stay proportional. With saying that it seems you are only working out your upper body. As others have said add some lower body workouts.

    I am currently doing a 2 day push/pull routine and I have found that works well.

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    I am currently doing a 2 day push/pull routine and I have found that works well.


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