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    App isn't syncing

    I've changed my workout plan through the website on my computer and synced everything several times and it won't update on my iPhone 6 app. Anyone know when this will be resolved?

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    Hello. I have had the same issue for a long time now on my iPhone 6. It seems that all my exercises are getting logged on the website, but in the app I always get an error. "Unique Excercise" something. I thought this could be a problem because I had the app on my new phone, the old one AND an iPad mini, but now I only have it installed on my new phone and the problem still persists. Very annoying. I have tried to force sync it several times, but this does not resolve my issue.

    Regards, Viktoria

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    I changed my password on the web based program. How do I change the password on my phone based app so that they can sync?

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    No, that actually made it worse. It took all the incorrect information on my phone and changed all the new exercises I worked on on my computer. Now I have to start all over.

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    To answer your questions:

    - I am recording logs through the app and (trying) to sync through the app. I have been on the website to see if anything is actually being logged/synced there, and what I see is that my workouts have been synced but not in detail. The log is missing the actual workout and excercises, and shows only sessions lenght etc.

    - The error message happens whenever I try to synchronize. Again, with the app.
    The message I get is like this: Click image for larger version. 

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    Thank you for taking your time to answer.


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    Did you figure out the problem after my last post Robertrogo?

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    I am having the same issue. Recently downloaded the app to Samsung S4 mini this week after been recommended.
    I managed to set up all my data, set up exercise programs etc but it fails to sync after workout. When I try to sync it brings up a message that says "invalid username or password"?
    I can log in online with same username and password just fine.
    I can see only 1 of my logs online has actually sync though, and new exercises I have put on the app has obviously not sync to the online version. How can I resolve this issue?



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    Did this issue ever get resolved? I am getting the same invalid username/password message when I try to sync from the app. I just updated my password online last week.

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    I also have this same problem, im using iphone 6 plus, and every time i try sync it gives error =((

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