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Thread: Apple Watch

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    Apple Watch

    Will There be a log app for aple watch? That would be awsome!

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    Dear JetFit, I'm very interested in an Apple Watch version as well and I actually assume tons of other fitness freaks. It's the perfect combination and the first fitness app on Apple Watch will win/keep me as a customer :-) Can you disclose any plans? Thanks, Mario

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    I would like Pebble support

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    It won't be long before someone actually develops an app like the one these guys are trying to get funded on Kickstarter (there might even be one at launch):


    Personally, I'd even pay for elite status if it came with the added convenience of being able to record my workout without getting my phone out after every set.

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    I would pay for elite status for it on my watch too. I have a pebble now and will be ordering the Apple Watch. The project linked on kickstarter looks amazing. I am sure one will come along even if they don't reach their goal which I think may be a bit out of reach.

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    That is too bad to hear. Do you have a team of developers? If you can only work on one thing at a time I have to assume you mean developer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post

    We appreciate your feedback and suggestion in regards to Apple Watch integration with JEFIT.

    Unfortunately at this time we aren't working or planning on said integration but I will add this to our list of suggestions and pass it off to the developers.

    At the moment we are currently focused upon the latest Android update to improve the current UI/UX of our product.

    We will take this into consideration though and appreciate your suggestion!

    - Robert
    Quite a silly decision on JeFIts part given the sheer number of apple watches sold on day one versus all android wear devices over the last 3 years. It's a huge selling point for workout apps today, and as some user said they would buy membership for this- if your spending this much on a watch a membership fee is not out of the questions...

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    We need an Apple Watch app!

    How can we increase the volume and effectiveness of our lobbying for an Apple Watch version of this app?
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    what a pity!
    best app of its kind cannot miss this developmen.

    maybe you should join forces with some deeper-pocket partner that could help you speed up the R&D

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    I don't understand how the Apple Watch could be overlooked or not even be currently considered? It seems INCREDIBLY short sighted..

    1. JeFit is fitness app.. the apple Watch's strengths are it's ability to work with the iPhone and track your fitness..
    2. There is already MILLIONS of the Apple Watches out there, and there will be MILLIONS more that will be sold by the end of the year.
    3. Sorry to say, but these MILLIONS of people will only buy and pay for an app that supports the Apple watch moving forward.. If you paid $400-2k+ for a fitness watch, would you not want to use it at the gym?
    4. Once a user leaves JeFIT for a competitor that runs with Apple Watch, they won't come back..

    I'm still struggling to understand how a Fitness app company has stated they won't support the best selling fitness watch on the market.. I don't mean to sound offensive, but does your company not like to make money and remain profitable? Your app will become obsolete which is sad, as its a great app!
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