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Thread: Apple Watch

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    I have recently been trying out gymahlic. Their Apple watch app is great. The phone app is not nearly as good as jefit. I was holding out hope that jefit world change their tune on the Apple watch but it looks like I should bite the bullet and switch completely over to pro version of gymaholic.

    Paul is dead on about once a user makes the switch they won't be back.

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    This is a real shame. I love this app and have been using it for some time. I have recommended it to a couple of other people who also now use it. Unfortunately, I will now be changing over to a different gym app that has Apple Watch support. I hope to return when you have developed the watch support. Good luck and thank you for a fantastic application.
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    that's a shame, i'm now looking for other weight lifting apps that DO have a companion app.
    i think you guys are missing a trick here

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    I too am looking for an app that allows for logging exercise on the Apple Watch.

    I need the solution to do 3 things really.

    1. Watch app - for logging during exercise.
    2. Phone app - for quick review of workouts.
    3. Website - for more detailed tracking and analysis.

    Jefit does 2 and 3 really well. A lot of others do 1 and 2 really well. I haven't found a solution (yet) that does 1, 2 and 3.

    As soon as I find it they have my business.
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    Guys having read the previous comments, can´t agree more, either you build the interfase or I will look for another app that supports the watch. If it´s in your plans, could you please share them with the rest of the community?

    Thanks a lot

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    Sorry wrongly posted twice

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    You have to listen to your users

    I have only been using Jefit for a short while but it has already become one of my most used apps.

    I have tried other workout apps, but none have come close to the ease of use of Jefit. The only reason I haven't upgraded to either VIP of Elite membership s because I have been holding out to see if there will be an apple watch link up app.

    After reading Roberts comments and complete dismissal of creating one of these, I for one will now be looking to find another workout app that will cater to my needs.

    Robert if you read this, please listen to your users, these are the people that pay you. It doesn't matter what changes you make to Jefit or advancements you are planning, without the scores of users that are going to leave and find other apps you will be completely wasting your time.

    Nitesh84 has hit the nail on the head, the three things that he has listed are what you need to be aiming for. If you do these and get them right (as you have so far) you will leave all of your other competitors at the starting post.

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    I too have been looking around. Is there really no plan to make an apple-watch-friendly upgrade?

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    Based on JeFit's track record, I would not count on seeing Apple Watch supported. Apple HealthKit has been out for how long, doesn't require buying a "watch" and yet they still have no support for it. Nor for TouchId to secure your data when opening the app. As is fairly apparent, JeFit's "focus" is on the Android platform first and foremost.

    I agree with the previous posts, that if I find a vendor/app that can do all 3 iitems previously listed, I will be switching.

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    It would be amazing to have it on the watch! I think Jefit needs def to put this on their list of priorities. I'm tired of bringing phone or old ipod just to keep the log... is getting so inconvenient as the old paper and pen....

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