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    Mutant Mass Gainer

    I've been using this for a while now to help me get in a few extra calories everyday (I can only stomach so much rice, chicken breast and veggies).

    Taste: 8/10 - Comes in a standard variety of flavours, I opted for the triple chocolate. Tastes decent enough with water, and pretty good with milk. Nothing too noteworthy though

    Cost: 7/10 - A tad on the expensive side when it's not on sale, but I pretty much always see this for buy one get one $20 off. If you take 1 serving a day (500 or so calories in water) it's not too bad as that will get you 52 days. If you're a hardgainer and will be looking to get an extra 1000 or so calories each day it will start to add up pretty quick.

    Effect 7/10 - Its got a good blend ingredients and provides plenty of carbs to give you the energy you need to get in a tough workout, and as a mass gainer it definitely has a good calorie count. On the negative side, no one will want to be in the same room with you due to the excessive amounts of gas you will most certainly experience.

    Overall I'd recommend it if you're looking to up your calorie count without having to consume huge amounts of clean food (something I struggle with). Not for those with a weak stomach though as it could cause some gastric discomfort.
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    Wadd up , Biggs!

    Yeah i've tried mutant mass, i liked it. Wasn't too bad, flavor was...okay haha. A good way to get in more calories though.

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    That's great.

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