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    from 231 lbs to 156 lbs

    Hi guys!

    This is my story, back in 2007 I reached 231 lbs (think about I'm 170 cm)... so, after some years (more ore less 5 years ago) I decided to lose weight

    After 6/7 months of running and eating a bit less, I lost 22 lbs, but I was not able to lose more weight. So three years ago I started to go to the gym. It required a lot of efforts... initially I went 3 days a week and after 6 months I was going nearly every day, with a 4 days cutting routine and a lot of trendmill walking (both during the routine days and also in the other days). I had regular lunch.... and nearly only vegetables at dinner... It was difficult... but in less than a year (from september to july) I lost more than 50 lbs.

    These are the pictures! I'm really happy with the results!

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