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    Please show all log from summary page and ├* button to delete one log.

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    Lightbulb for visibility

    i would really love to have a button to share the workout out of the calender


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    This is still an issue.

    In my basement, I dont have the best signal on my cell phone.

    After I finished, I pushed the save and publish button and it continued as if there was no issue. But, when I look at the calendar, it shows the icon that there was a work out. But, that is it. No where else in the app or the web version does it show anything but the icon for the calendar.

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    Update Activity Feed from Workout Logs

    I like the product but am unhappy with the fact that there is no way to update the activity feed from information later entered into the workout log. It is extremely common for someone to edit or add to a workout log after they have left the gym. Simply put the product should update the Activity feed from the logs - PERIOD. Others are saying the same thing. Is there any plan to program this enhancement. I would strongly urge you to do so since this really is a core functionality defect that will lead me to look else where for workout tracking software.

    Thank You.

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    After you end your workout, select Yes to are you sure you want to end your workout, you'll be taken to a screen which shows your workout summary and give you the option to Share and Close. Before selecting "Share and Close" you have to make sure that the "Comminity" button above the "Share and Close" button is selected. You'll know that it's selected if it is grayed out. After doing that your workouts will post to your activity feed after you end your workouts and select "Share and Close".

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    Session summary

    Hi guys
    long time user first time poster.

    Ive searched the forum for similar thread but didnt find it...

    Is there anyway to re-view session summary after I closed the "view session summary" window.
    Can I access the info again?


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    hi - 2 years later is there a solution to the problem, or still nothing? today i had the first of this negative issues ... i want to share my workout from the calendar but i cannot ,,, thats frustrating.

    anybody found a solution?

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    How is this still an issue?? clearly if you end a workout and you are somewhere without internet connection the workout is not shared. clearly there should be a solution to this problem, but it doesn't seem to be a priority for jefit.

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