I've been trainning for three years, I worked hard so hard althougth all the pain and fails I kept going, I started my journey I will keep stick on it till I arrive my goal.

Abed Gara 20 years old


(( My story in competition's Men's Physique))
After a struggle in my journey I have participated six times in different federations. My first competition started since 2013 in my first 4 months training which in it was founded with a few contestants and was not on high level.

I'd to enter this contest by a trainer of my gym who came up to me telling me to register and give a shot. so I listen to him and tried I was placed with the 3rd triumph of 4 contests. After my 9 months transformation I saw a poster for contest called IBFF and said lets go to try so I went without no-preparation on bad bodyfat no muscle condition. I was placed again 3rd place in men's physique from 6 noob contests.

Time later I started participating again and again I was losing and even did not enter the top five that made me mad and more angry.
I stopped participating in 2014. In 2015 I wanted to do it again and started working on this winning I'd two competition and I found a new personal trainer for me because without one you will not reach to where do you wanna go.

I participated at Nac's stage were 9 contests with good shapes, I was placed in 3rd due to my posing. So I took up this mistake for the next competition which it is on the next week regardless to what I ate after I kept myself stick on the progress and trainned on posing untill the day of the competition. I was with 12-13 contests dunno (lol). I was placed for 1st and in this moment I realized ''YOU DONT EVER QUIT UNTILL YOU DO YOUR JOB COMPLETELY''

I have been addicted to this sport since the last three years. My journey started when I used to be so skinny I couldnt resist this profile that holding me. I started lifting in a term to gain weight not more than this. a period time later I became rigorous to be a competitor but it really wasnt my goal. I discovered this is not only sport because I cant breath a minute without lifting I realized this is my lifestyle where do I belong.

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