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    Alternating Workouts

    Okay fitness gurus I have read you shouldn't excercise everyday because your muscles need recovery time. I am wondering if instead of a rest or recovery day every second day can you have two separate workouts targeting different areas say upper body one day lower the next that way I am still giving the muscles a break but doubling my workouts. What do you think?

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    If you want the fewest days off you must split your routine, full body everyday will just break you down and cause injuries.
    you can go the 2 split like you said but will need a day off every 3rd day, work out a(upper) b(lower), and one off or you can do a 3 or 4 day split with the same format, a,b,c, off a,b,c, off... or a,b,c,d off a,b,c,d, off. if you are relatively new I would not try to go beyond this split. a good 3 day splits is day 1 push, day 2 pull day 3 legs. my favorite split is day one chest and triceps, day 2 back and shoulders, day 3 legs and biceps. with abs and calves alternated every other work out. this is followed by a day off then repeat. there are some good 4 day splits listed on the site as well as some other 3 day splits to look at as well.

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