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    Machine Assisted Exercises Correction

    For the machine assisted exercises e.g. machine assisted pull ups/chin ups/dips the app incorrectly signals a new personal best(1rm). This is because in these exercises using less weight signals an improvement and using more weight does not.

    So currently if say I did 10 reps of machine assisted pull ups with a 20kg weight assisting me and during the next set i need more assistant and do 8 reps with 30 kg assisting me the apps signals a new 1rm. when in fact i have regressed.

    What should happen is if I do 10 reps with 20kg assistant and then next week i do 10 reps with 10kg THIS is a new 1rm/progress being made.
    This as far as I know only applies to when the weight makes things easier for you/assist you.

    I dont know whether this might mean coding separately for these type of exercises or what ever but I hope this can be fixed.

    Great app otherwise

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    I think it is probably intended that you enter the net weight you are lifting after the machine assists you.So if you weigh 75kg and it assists 30 you'd record 45. Then as you get stronger your assisted weight goes down and your 1rm goes up.

    Just a guess anyways

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    That makes sense, I think. Just did my first lot of Machine Assisted Pull Ups today and got highly confused. I also workout how bad my upper body strength is.

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