Ok everyone. I was given a medication when I was younger that seemed to give my liver some issues later in life now. Yeah....no happy about it, but not much I can do about it. Long story long, and just because it's an easy example, stuff that gets processed by the liver that's a bit of a toxin simply knocks me out. Eyes shut, sleepy time for 30-45 minutes and wake up feeling hungover for another 10-15 minutes. (ie. alcohol, aspartame, acetaminophen). I can't nail it down to the exact ingredient that does it to me, but it seems that all protein supplements knock me out cold also. I'm thinking it's some of the soy protein isolates....but I'm not sure.

My question.......so does anyone else have a similar experience or know of something to try that won't put me in sleepy-ville/hangover-town?