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    ''No Equipment at Home Workout'' BUG on Jefit app...

    Im having a real hard time with my ''No Equipment at Home Workout'' workout plan with the Jefit app on my iPhone 4s.

    I seem to be stuck on the ''Monday'' workout and there's absolutely nothing to do to select and get another day of the week. All im getting is: Cooldown MON, Warm-up MON and Workout MON. Can't scroll down any further.

    There is a lilttle ''+'' button almost at the top corner left of the screen which ive clicked on which brings me to a ''Create day'' menu with a ''Pick a Workout day'' sub-menu with all the days of the week. However, when you select a day(no matter which one) and click on save and then go back to your workout days, it's still only showing Monday, which by the way was already there when i downloaded this workout plan.

    Note that i also got another program called: Jefit beginner routine, and it doesn't have ANY issues. All the days and exercises are showing(Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat).

    Something however put a bug in my ear when ive noticed that on this very website, the ''No Equipment at Home Workout'' is actually only showing a monday program(Link available completely below).

    So does it means that they've just put a random day(Monday in this case) as an example and we're suppose to assume that we have to take that same ''Monday workout'' and do it as many time as you want during the week

    Please help!!!

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    If you have a bug on your app workout program, try another one!
    I can offer you this one. It is everyday plan of workouts and other advises to lose weight.

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