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    Struggling to get started with the App and website

    Since I'm a beginner, my main goal for the next few weeks is to come up with a simple full body workout I can do 3 times a week and keep track of things. I basically want to do the same set of exercises each day. I really like the idea of being able to create and customize a routine on my computer, and then have it available on my iPhone to enter results right in the gym. But, the I find the process of creating a routine to be really complicated. I'm struggling to understand how routines work with days and with exercises. Again, at this stage, I just want a routine I can do on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday for the next few weeks. After I'm in the habit of going to the gym and learn more, I'll probably move to a more varied routine.

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    It's easier to create routines in the app than on the web site. Just create a new routine and then add a single workout to it. Choose day number rather than week day, so workout would be day 1.

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    I actually found the website easier to create routines on, but to each their own.

    You can start your routines by either day of the week or day number. I do a five-day routine that can change depending on which day so I use numbered days. First create your routine, name it, then add exercises to it. If you go into the exercise tab (on website or app) and click first on the body part it will give you a list of all available exercises for that part. YOu can look for all of them or based on what equipment used or what type of exercise, ie body weight, strength, Olympic, etc. You can set the amount of reps and sets, also the rest period between. If you want to do the same routine on all three days just copy your routine to a new workout day. If you create it on the computer make sure you sync your phone app to get the updated routines.

    Hope that helps!

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