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    Recording weight for body weight exercises.

    Is it possible to add a feature to the app which would automatically input your body weight (plus any additional weight you might use) when doing exercises where your body weight provides majority of the resistance.

    For example: When doing body weight exercises such as pullups and dips, it would be ideal if you could choose an option of recording your lifted weight as "Body Weight + (enter additional weight)".

    This way if you have entered your body weight into the app previously, the app may more accurately record what volume of weight was lifted during a workout. And when looking back at your recorded logs, a user may easily see that at a given date they were (for example) doing pullups at X body weight with an additional weight of Y for however many reps. This could be significant information for users who are experiencing weight loss/gain etc. as the their body weight and additional weight may be changing frequently, yet their combined total may not be.

    It would be good to see something like this for all body weight based exercises, but I realise for some, such as pushups, a person is not actually lifting the entirety of there weight. And the percentage of your bodyweight lifted would change from person to person. Despite this I'm sure there is an average percentage which could be used to some degree of accuracy.

    But it may still be an option for the app to simply record along the lines of 20 pushups @ body weight X.

    I realise there a work arounds to achieve a similar result to what I have described here, but this would be a feature I would use and find valuable.


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    This is really important thing which is actually not working now.
    Total lifted weight of routine with such exercises is wrong.

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    That's an excellent idea, I do Bodyweight exercises and set all weight to 0 but somehow it talies up as a few hundred kg? Either have it as no weight or as Cooper86 suggests encorporate individual Bodyweight on such exercises.

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