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    Should I go Elite?

    I am currently using two apps to log my workouts but thinking of going to Elite and only using Jefit. My question is can you see graphs of each exercise and progress you are making or is it more basic than that? The actual features of Elite seem to be a close kept secret and no easy way to try them out before signing up?

    Anyone shed any light on its benefits?


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    Personally I would't do it - not that JEFIT is not a great app (I love it) but that I feel it's not being developed in the direction I would like and at the speed I would like. The elite version comes with a hefty price tag... :/
    -It needs to integrate into other systems/apps (today there is zero integrations) so we can easily transfer our activities from e.g. Google Fit
    -It's needs to be more flexible / versatile when it comes to sets, reps, kg vs pounds etc
    -Better graphs - the're ok, but not great
    -Sharing information, not pictures
    -and so on...

    I'm afraid Google Fit or some other system will pass Jefit in a few years - even though I hope not!
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    So what is the best app on Android for logging sessions?

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    At this moment I think it's Jefit, I just don't think the elite version is worth its price tag.
    I've used Jefit on and off for a few years and it haven't changed very much, but it all comes down to what each individual values when it comes to features etc.
    I don't care much for pre-made workouts or how you get bigger arms, or how to loose weight =)

    But, that's only my opinion...
    Going from two apps to one is indeed worth a lot, the questions is... how much
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    The Elite version removes the ads, allow to acces to or store more routine, gives you more stats and print your routines or reports.
    Beside that, not much. Jefit is the best app I found so far to track workouts. I am French speaking and I use the English version even if French is available because of all the translation errors I found so far. I went Elite using a reduced price offer. Would I do it again? I guess yes to remofe the ads and keep illimited storage.
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    I can't justify making the jump to elite. But going Pro offers some good benefits while being much more cost friendly.

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