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    Anybody using IF?

    Just curious if anyone is using any IF and how they are getting on with it? Been using thr renegade diet as a base since beginning of February and it suits my lifestyle very well. Weighing and measuring end of each month so will be interesting to see results of first month.

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    I did IF for a couple months last year and had pretty good results. I lost around 10lbs which helped to kick start a better healthy life style. And considering that I wasn't too careful about what I ate or working out too hard it could have been even more effective.

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    Good result! Thanks for the reply, interesting to see how others have or haven't got on with it. Got first weigh in tomorrow since starting so be interesting to see how much I've dropped.

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    First weigh in since starting IF down 4 kg and dropped 3.7% bodyfat. Very pleased with that.

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    Great progress, are you planning on doing IF for short term or a sustained plan?

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    Yeah didn't think I'd lost that much! It suit's my lifestyle at present so I'll stick with it until circumstances change.

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    What is IF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timcadieux View Post
    What is IF?
    Intermittent fasting. I'm following renegade diet 16 hour fast 4 hour under eat protein & fats 4 hours normal eating. Lots of various other ways of doing IF but this one suits my lifestyle.

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    Ah, right, thx.

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    Got a progress pic on my profile my results in just over a month of IF.

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