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    yammy, should try it

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    Quote Originally Posted by DamienR View Post
    Chopped frozen banana, pit it in a blender and whiz up for a few minutes until icecream consistency. Very tasty and much healthier than sugar laden icecream. Add whatever you fancy when blending to add flavours or crunch. I usually put peanut butter, flaxseed and dark chocolate chips with mine. Quick and simple, but very very tasty!
    Oww,that sounds tasty, gotta try it,thanks

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    Thanks for the wonderful recipe, cooked and tasted - the whole family was just delighted. Maybe I'll post the video on my channel - [URL="********"]*********[/URL]. If I will have the courage to show my modest abilities in cooking. And I recommend this ice cream to everyone!
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    I even didn't heard about this ice cream before. Not much sure how healthier is this. But if really works then I would like to try for it. lol

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