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    Unhappy Custom routine

    Hey folks, hoping someone can help.

    I've created a custom routine: "4 day / week bulking" I've added all the exercises and days etc. Have shared it, then I got a notification saying that jefit would review it to make sure I wasnt just copying etc. I'm sure you all know the drill.

    Problem being that I have added the routine to my jefit I can see it in the app and its set as my default routine but when I click on it the days/ exercises aren't there just a blank page with: please select a workout day and description. What am I doing wrong? Does jefit take time to review the routines? Or indeed am I missing something?

    Any help would b greatly appreciated.

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    You can try doing the force sync from the app. If you made it on the website the two may not have fully synced up yet.

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    Will give that a try. Yes I made the routine on the website. Just can't seem to see the exercises on the app. Thanks for reply. :-)

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