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    Talking Texas girl new to JetFit

    My child is 11 so I can't say it's baby weight any more. I am a full-time working cheer mom, happy wife, Girl Scout troop leader... overall BUSY. On top of this, we're in the process of adopting a little girl from foster care.

    I find it hard to find the time to work out AND cook AND take my daughter to her activities after work each day. It's a struggle. I just joined a gym that opened this week next to her cheer gym so that'll be a great time for me to get my workouts in. I'm committed to more crock-pot (healthy) meals and making a couple of meals on Sunday mornings for the following week.

    In my younger days, I worked out 6-7 days a week and was sometimes in the gym twice a day on my days off work! I wish I had never stopped working out completely. I was in a great shape and felt good all the time.

    I've worked out a bit here and there over the years but I'm definitely ready to get healthy again. My goal is to lose 45-50 pounds. I use the MyFitnessPal app to track my food and calories and I just finished Day 2 of the JetFit "Spring Into Summer" workout routine. Ouch. My legs are sore. But it feels GREAT! I know I'll look and feel much different after 6 weeks of this program!

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    Hi Sunshineraej,
    Sounds like you have made a great start with both working out & tracking food.
    Since you are familiar with working out, I'm sure you will get there again.
    I too track workouts here & food at MFP.
    Best wishes.

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    Howdy to one Texan from a Texan!

    LiftHeavyWeights and I are friends. This is a great site full of nice and helpful people.
    You will reach your goals and have plans in place to do just that!
    I track workouts here and food at MFP just like LiftHeavyWeights, too.

    Wishing you the best!

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    Hi, do you know what your average calorie burn would be for the spring into summer program ...again just average

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