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    Red face Have been doing Stronglifts 5x5 and Greyskull variant for 7 months, Results:

    im a 22 year old male, i am 170cm tall, thats 5'7''.

    I did strong lifts 5x5 in the start of october, for about 4 months, then since february the 7th i did greyskull lp vairant, goal was to get strong and be healthier in general.

    I did some minor accessory work, mostly for the back, things like lat pull downs, dumbell rows and seated cable rows.

    if you are not familiar with the two programs i mentioned you should check them out, they are excellent programs, especially for strength.

    now, here are the results:

    Weight: from 65 kg to 75kg, 143.3lb to 165

    i hit 75kg in december, afterwards i mantained, however there were some setbacks duo to a couple of illnesses and some exams i had to study for.

    Lift numbers:

    everything mentioned here could be done for 3x5 at least. (calculated 1rm in parentheses)

    Squat: 40kg > 112kg (139kg).
    Deadlift: 50kg > 130kg (152kg)
    Bench press: 50kg > 87kg (105kg)
    Overhead press: 25kg > 60kg (74kg)
    Pendlay rows: 40kg > 80kg (97kg)
    Chin ups: 12 reps unweighted > +10kg 7 reps. (30kg added)

    in pounds:
    Squat: 90lb> 250lb (306lb).
    Deadlift: 110lb> 287lb (335lb)
    Bench press: 110lb> 193lb (230lb)
    Overhead press: 55lb> 132lb (163lb)
    Pendlay rows: 90lb> 176lb (215lb)
    Chin ups: 12 reps unweighted > +22lb 7 reps. (66lb added)
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