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    33 male from Denmark. Am I the only dane on Jefit?

    Been on Jefit for more than a year, and so far I havent seen any danes. Am I the only one here

    Working out 4-5 days a week, usually with my girlfriend. Using Jefit to keep track of my progress and to get inspired.

    The routine we currently use is public here on Jefit: [URL=""][/URL]

    My current 3 month goal is to get to around ~13-14% bodyfat ( currently around 20 )
    My 9 month goal is to get to ~10-11% bodyfat while gaining 3-5 kg. muscles.

    My gym focus is on the big 3, but I also love cycling during the summer and spinning during the winther.

    Hope to meet others from northern europe with some of the same goals or interests.

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    Jeg er også fra Danmark, men bruger sjældent websitet.

    I'm also currently around 20% body fat. And I'm from Odense, btw.

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