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    How to stay motivated when alone?

    Hello Everyone. I have a question I like to post. How do you stay motivated to train when you are all alone? I used to go to a gym and had a training buddies. However, due to financial constraints, I had to give up my membership. I have a small home gym that I use but its not the same, and I no longer have any gym buddy to workout with.

    I find I struggle to get my ass downstairs on days where I'm just not motivated. Also my husband is not really into fitness, so it makes it harder to eat right and also get my training in. I don't really have any support. I have nobody in the same situation to share struggles, achievements, etc with.

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    You have us. �� I've found a couple of people on here that are in the same situation that when I wake up at the awful hours in the morning that it pushes me because they've done there workout and I can't let them one up me. Also post your workout routine on the wall and check off when you've completed it. That helps me as a visual to push me as when I see a months worth of checks I get extremely motivated.

    As far as eating I know I have to set days were I would allow a slip up as it sucks to change your diet, but it took removing all the food out of the kitchen that wasn't good to truly change. Find stuff that's good for you that you like and buy multiples of that (Geek Yogart, unsalted walnuts, and good chocolate protein shake when I really need something). Also if eating out becomes a regular event (like it had in my marriage) find things at those places which are a better choice, and possibly eat something before hand so your not eating a lot.

    Hope any of this helps your journey, just be consistent even if you mess up or you feel like it's going no where. It takes time.

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    Thanks! Got married just under 2 years ago and I noticed that I've put on 30lbs since then . It is a lot harder than I anticipated to keep to my training, my eating style, etc when your married. Never realized how much we ended up eating out or take in that I never would have done when single. Also had to cut back on my training times because the hubby was feeling ignored. I tried getting him interested so we could work out together but nothing ever happened from that. He is also a super picky eater so when I do the grocery shopping I have to not only get what I need but also things that he will eat. He won't eat half the stuff I need to eat. ex, the only veg he will eat is corn and ceaser salad. I've gotten so frustrated trying to make 2 meals all the time. If I leave it to him, he will make something I shouldn't eat.

    I like the idea of bulk buying. I think this weekend a trip to my local bulk barn is in order.

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    I work at night and I often get hungry while working, so what i do , I stock food for my snack.
    I noticed i gets more hungry if I have stock food because i think I always think or plan what to eat when I am hungry so it triggers my brain to be hungry..

    Anyway what motivates me to do exercise is because I want to look healthy, and also it healthy to avoid constipation which I often have before monthly sickness.

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    Hi Maysi! I think the biggest change for you help keep you motivated is to work out first thing in the morning. Get up a little bit earlier and go right downstairs. The benefits are that you don't have anything competing with your time like you do at night, especially your husband. You also amp up the beginning of your day, carrying you through to the evening. That also eliminates your unmotivated spouse from deterring you. If all he will eat is corn and caesar salad, stock up on lettuce and canned corn and buy a bottle of caesar dressing. Warming up some corn is a breeze while you cook something else and then make a healthy salad that he can add caesar dressing to. Good luck!

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    Thanks guys!!

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    I know what you are talking about as I had the familiar situation. But you need to settle a goal and to work hard as the best motivation to see your great body in the mirror and make all your friends feel envious) The best feeling is when you reach your aims and can respect yourself for being enough strong to do this. Just do it to be able to say to yourself:" I have made it!"

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    I also had the question like you. And my key to be motivated when alone is competing to myself, that means I consider me in yesterday as a opponent and try to defeat her by becoming better.

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    I focused more when I am alone. I just put an earphone and start doing workout. Divided my time into different tasks with the deadline. As compare to workout with others my performance is better when I am alone. That's why i choosed the gym time with with minimum or no rush.

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    My guy is a picky eater too so I get where you are coming from. He eats more things now because I add small amounts of different types of food into our meals until he just gets used to eating it. A lot of times it's not even the taste of the veggies but their texture so I'd say try to prepare them in different ways. Like if you are making a turkey meatloaf throw carrots, celery, onion spinach or whatever into a processor until it turns to paste and add it to the meat. The texture will cook the same as the turkey but have a ton of veggies in it. Also, I find meal prepping for work lunches to be super helpful. As for finding workout motivation and time I started working out in the mornings before work because if I try to workout after work I run into issues with errands, cooking and spending time with my guy before bed. It's a drag to wake up that early at first but after a few days you'll realize you will have way more energy then if you were to just sleep in. I hope that Helps.

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