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    Good thread

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    You didn't come this far to only come this far! Keep moving forward.

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    Hello. I'm also interested in this issue. Because I changed jobs, housing, I just can not bring myself to start going to the gym

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    What Helen said! Add a 20 min walk on lunch break without changing anything else and no " but". Listen to motivational music/audio during this time and start realizing that everything you do IS helping.

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    For me to stay motivated means to stay focused only on training, no distractions. And its extremely complicated when you are a student. That is why I [URL=""]click to payforessays with no worries[/URL] and completely dive in training process. By the way the results I achieved are stunning.

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    Ways to saty motivated wwhen you are alone

    Hai....motivation is a thing which every human should get.
    Everyone should make them self motivated to get your goals.
    usually for a alone person there is some chance to get depressed, In that case we should keep our self engaged in work and try to focus in your goal.
    Morning mediation and and some exercise will help for that.
    Check with your plans and dreams a we should get motivated anyhow to achieve our goals.

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    When I am alone I just do these things, you can also try these

    • Set up a competition with yourself.
    • Tell others what you are going to do.
    • Before starting any tasks get the music on.
    • Post-it notes with inspirational quotes.
    • Make a list of shopping that you need.
    • Find a virtual community & have a chat when you get time.
    • Talk to yourself as you are working.
    • Reward yourself for completed tasks.

    Good Luck

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    depending on your age metabolism, drive etc... there is a couple of things that we can do to push us into overdrive... the list is long, but not to complicated if you know the basics on nutrition, and supplements. Believe it or not, something as simple as CQ10 will help... it will help you concentrate on what you need to, which in turn helps motivation. Eating the right foots prior to your workout, helps with energy, which helps with motivation, lets face it... no energy, no motivation. if your testosterone is low for us guys, do your homework to increase those levels. Diet is the first thing you need to start out with. then lastly is supplements, they help, but again, they should be the last on your list.

    I do not consider vitamins a supplement, even though they are (CQ10, fish oil etc)... just my 2cents.

    hope this help even if it is somewhat vague.

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    By watching movies...

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