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    What to Eat Before a Workout

    What I need to eat before working out. Can anyone suggest?

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    Carbs for energy and protein to have amino acids in your bloodstream when you need them. Stay away from fat - it does not digest fast enough to give you energy. My pre-workout meal these days consist of oatmeal, yogurt, and whey protein shake, plus a few pieces of dried fruit.

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    What time do you work out?

    Morning? or Afternoon?

    it would depend on what you eat, to be honest i work out in mornings 4am and i dont eat anything before it how ever my 2nd last meal of the day is a high in protein/fats and is probobly my highest carbed meal of the day

    how ever right after it i have a massive breakfast so lots of egg's bacon and cheese

    but i dont know what is304 is on about considering my diet is high fat high protien and low carb diet and i have no issues with the fats curretnly only sitting at 14% BF though and have more then enough energy for a 4AM 1.5 hour workout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebecca_Daw View Post
    What I need to eat before working out. Can anyone suggest?

    Oatmeal with Whey Protein Mixed In (great if you have a sensitive stomach)
    2 Whole Eggs, 2 Egg Whites, Peppers, Onions, Low fat Cheese, Grapefruit/Oatmeal

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    I tend to eat 50 grams of slow digesting carbs and 25 grams of protein at least an hour before working out.

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    If it is a morning workout, I suggest you eat a medium banana with 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt. Wait about 30 minutes and then hit the gym. Your body will need the carbohydrates and protein.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    Carbs and protein with a touch of sugar. My pre-workout snack is my treat of peanut butter for the day. I only get it right before going to the gym. One thinly sliced wheat toast, 1 tb peanut butter and 8 g of reduced sugar dried cranberries and of course my PW drink of a just-under-level scoop of Complete Nutrition Amino Uptake mixed with a just-under-level scoop of MuscleSport Neurovol Revolution. If your workout is under 30 minutes then you probably don't need a snack unless you are several hours since last meal.

    If I decide to really go all out for the peanut butter treat I get myself some Buff Bake Birthday cake or Snickerdoodle. mmmm It's just so bloody expensive.

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    I don't eat anything

    I take a glass of Goji Berry Juice right before workout. I refrain from eating anything for I have heard that we must take a 5 hours gap between meals and exercise.

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    Two hours before the training, you can eat hard-boiled eggs, or chicken fillet with a salad, or eat a banana

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