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    As you know breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day! The body absorbs more nutrients when eating breakfast, this is because your in a fasted state while sleeping so when you wake up and eat you break the fast hence (Break-Fast). So having a breakfast high in nutritional value is crucial!

    I recommend staying a way from simple carbs, sugary foods and cereals this is because you will get a surge of energy for a small period of time then a hour later you probably will feel tired. I personally try and include good complex carbs, protein, and fats in my breakfast.

    I like Cage free WHOLE eggs, Plain flavor greek yogurt (add 100% cacao or low glycemic granola to make it taste better) stay away from the flavor greek yogurt because some of the brands have higher sugar than candy bars! I also like Steel cut oats, and if i eat fruit its usually with a combination of something for example Apples and almond butter. Also if you like bread i highly recommend Ezekiel bread, it taste awesome!

    Hope this helps


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    Overnight greek yogourt recipee.

    I usually prepare them on sunday for the week and it consist of frozen fruits (usually raspberries), flavor free greek yogurt, milk, oatmeal and chia seeds.

    An alternative is to change fruits for protein powder.

    Here s a link to a recipee.


    Once you do a few, you can start playing around with the ingredients.

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    According to me breakfast is very necessary and don't skip it , breakfast is the heaviest meel of whole day , because its good for our health , we should eat otes , sproutes , boil eagg .

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    I usually have wheat bread, slice of apple and Kona coffee. I just read that Kona coffees are really good for the health. Benefits are listed here: [url][/url].

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