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    5 day simple and easy routine

    here is a quick and simple 5 day workout routine if you are not sure where to start or would like to try something else. Obviously you can add more weights to fit your need.

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    Not too bad and seems fairly comprehensive although a few things niggle me:

    * Some of the exercises, weights and/or reps seem very ambitious for someone just starting out. Sure people can adjust them but showing them stuff that's not pitched at typical beginners' level can be a bit off-putting. (20 diamond push-ups would be too tough for most beginners; same with 10 x 60lb skull crushers. I think triceps must be the demo guy's favourite muscle to train! 10 x 135lb incline bench presses? and compare this with the same weight and reps for squats and a ligher weight for deadlifts? We have enough upper-body freaks who don't train their legs without expecting them to bench as much as they squat and deadlift less!)

    * Over emphasis on triceps isolation exercises yet none targeting the abdominals or the hip flexors.

    * Some typos, mis-labeling: 'tricept' for 'triceps' and 'scull' for 'skull' from memory. Lateral raises are side raises and what are labelled as lateral raises are front raises.

    * I wouldn't recommend upright rows to anyone whose shoulder health I know nothing about. Shoulder impingement is a very, very common issue and there are safer exercises that don't put the shoulder in such a vulnerable position. At least the shrugging didn't include a shoulder roll!

    * The guy is tending to elevate his shoulders when doing the butterflies and the side raises; the guy doing the bench presses is protracting his shoulders. Again not good for shoulder health and not a good demonstration for a beginner to follow. I appreciate there's not time to explain these finer points and there are not verbal explanations but this is all the more reason for the visual demos to be done with good form. The shoulders should be held 'packed' (depressed and retracted) throughout these exercises.
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    Yeah it is an exercise routine which is better than nothing, but personally I don't care for it. There are so many machines these days it can be confusing as to what to do. A person would be better served doing a 4 day a week split or a 3 day a week full body workout. IMHO most body parts should be hit at least twice a week. I'm old school, free weights are far superior in my opinion.

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    5 day simple and easy routine

    When you're out of shape, starting a new fitness routine can be hard. Expectancy and ability to tackle day-to-day activities with ease, but it will also improve your overall.

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    5 day simple and easy routine

    There are such a significant [URL=""]UK Essay Help[/URL] number of machines nowadays it can befuddle in the matter of what to do. A man would be better off doing a 4 day seven days split or a 3 day seven days full body exercise. IMHO most body parts ought to be hit no less than twice per week. I'm old fashioned, free weights are far unrivaled as I would like to think.

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